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Don’t Say “No” Just Yet…

Compared to years past, payback on a home improvement project at time of sale is down (from 87% to 60% according to Remodeler magazine.) But before you say “it’s not the right time”, read an article on CNN.com written by Josh Garskof, entitled, “8 Reasons to Invest In Your Home”.

Garskof points out some great ideas as he makes us all feel better about our current situations.

“Assuming you like what you can’t change about your home — the neighborhood, the school district, the proximity to things that matter to you — and you’re planning on staying for five or more years, improving your home is a smart move.”

Garskof lists reasons such as materials prices coming down, cutting your home’s energy costs in the long run, and ENJOYING THE RESULTS to help us in our decision making process.

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