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New Model Homes – Local Builders Rethink Market With Smaller, Cost-Efficient Design

As a possible sign of a modest housing recovery, new model homes have started to pop up again in the market. Builders are redesigning their models. It’s happening nationally as well as locally. Houses got too big and expensive. That era is over. We’re slowly starting a new cycle, and new models are part of it. These new models have slimmed down, shrinking in size and price from five years ago. Builders are facing reality. Prices are down 25% from their peak. They’re rethinking the market. Now, it’s back to basics. People are buying what they actually need, not what they want. New designs are market-driven, said Ray Blankenship, area vice president of Town & Country Homes. “Even fireplaces have dropped off people’s wish list. Our new value plans use an efficient box-over-box design. We’ve reduced square footage by eliminating excess space in hallways. Also, buyers are no longer looking for two-story foyers.” While the purpose of models is to sell houses, they also are having another impact. “New models help to increase the confidence of buyers. They see new models, and they figure the builder is not broke,” Blankenship said. “Single-family home sizes are down dramatically. There’s been a return to the three-bedroom plan with 1,650 to 1,700 square feet,”

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