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Practical upgrades pay off in kitchens and bathrooms

Practical pays off when it comes to kitchen and bath renovations. Gone are the days when virtually every kitchen or bathroom remodel involved top-of-the-line luxury upgrades and a budget big enough to fund an Ivy League education. Today’s homeowners want more value for their remodeling dollars, and that means turning to improvements that make both functional and fiscal sense.

Sinks play a pivotal role in the usability and desirability of both bathrooms and kitchens. In baths, replace dated, single-basin vanities with dual-sink models, which are in high demand by homebuyers. For kitchen sinks, which are on display in your home 24/7, opt for a blend of practicality and beauty. Today’s large selection of fabricated stainless steel sinks blend form and functionality. The sinks can be installed as undermount or self-rim, so they work with virtually any decor.

A great shower isn’t just a luxury, it’s a practical concern as well. Americans rely on their showers for more than just cleanliness – a shower is also a spot to relax and decompress. Shower surrounds have made it particularly easy to upgrade an existing shower. Some manufacturers have introduced seated showers, with a seat that is movable and removable. The seating area allows you to relax in a seated position, leaning against the shower wall.

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