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Remodeling in Phases!

Remodeling In Phases, Avoids Busting Your Budget.  No Matter if you’re a home owner or a new home buyer; you probably want to make some changes around your home, while still keeping the price in check.  Phased remodeling might work for you as it can be done over the course of months or years.  Talon’s staff has worked with many home owners to design and build the home of their dreams.  We understand your Big Picture while allowing you’re remodeling to take place phase by phase dictated by your budget, tastes, and lifestyle stages.  Keep these factors in mind:  Wish[.....]

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Are you getting ready to do some remodeling?

Think beyond price. How you pay a contractor is as important as how much

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The time is always right for home improvements

Your home is your largest investment and no matter how the housing market fluctuates, you don’t want to neglect maintenance and upkeep around the house

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Don’t Say “No” Just Yet…

Maybe it IS the right time to invest in your home.

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Saving Energy & Lowering Your Heating Bills

Nothing can help you save a dollar or two in this sort of economy like lowering household bills (such as the heat!) Heating your home is a necessary expense that you won’t be able to get rid of, so lowering that cost as much as possible is a smart solution. What you can do: Home Heat Pumps Instead of Traditional Furnaces Heat Pumps greatly improve upon the efficiency of the traditional HVAC system. Serviced by a Licensed Professional Every Season Make sure your air filters are being changed. Clean or replace the filter regularly (every month or so depending on the frequency[.....]

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