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Cut home heating costs this winter

Cut home heating costs this winter

 Imagine cutting your heating bills, while boosting your home’s comfort.Sound too good to be true? Not for the thousands of homeowners who are using radiant floor heating.

 Radiant technology, dating back to the ancient Romans, uses warm water to heat the floor, instead of a furnace to heat the air. Modern radiant systems pump warm water through an in-floor network of PEX tubing (crosslinked polyethylene).

 Many families actually feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting with radiant floor heating. The lower thermostat setting means using less energy and saving more money.

 ”Because radiant heating warms people and objects directly – as opposed to the surrounding air – residents are more comfortable, while often using less energy,” explains Mark Hudoba, senior product manager, Residential Heating and Cooling, at Uponor North America, a manufacturer of PEX-based radiant heating systems. “Radiant systems tend to yield consistent temperatures throughout the space. In homes heated with forced air, the temperatures can vary by more than 15 degrees between floor and ceiling.”

 Other benefits include:

* There is no circulation of dust, mold, bacteria, viruses and pet dander throughout the home, because a radiant system needs no fans.

 * No fans and blowers also means no noise.

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