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Winter-proof your home this fall for year-round benefits

(ARA) – After a summer of record-breaking temperatures across the country, you may be wondering if the impending winter weather will be just as extreme. While harsh weather puts a strain on wallets with increased energy bills, it can also be damaging to the home. Before the ice and snow hit, consider winterizing your home to help increase efficiency and minimize maintenance.

Adding gutter protection is one small improvement that can make a big difference on a home during the fall and winter months. Gutter protection helps keep debris such as leaves, twigs and pine needles from clogging gutters, allowing water to flow freely and reducing the possibilities of ice damming. If melting ice is unable to drain, it could seep into the walls and ceilings of your home. Certain gutter guards also add strength to the gutter and create a strong resistance to high winds, heavy amounts of snow, ice, ladder damage and pest invasion. For an effective, low maintenance solution, ask your contractor for gutter protection with solid aluminum construction, such as Leaf Relief by Ply Gem

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