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Remodeling in Phases!

Remodeling In Phases,

Avoids Busting Your Budget.  No Matter if you’re a home owner or a new home buyer; you probably want to make some changes around your home, while still keeping the price in check.  Phased remodeling might work for you as it can be done over the course of months or years.  Talon’s staff has worked with many home owners to design and build the home of their dreams.  We understand your Big Picture while allowing you’re remodeling to take place phase by phase dictated by your budget, tastes, and lifestyle stages.

 Keep these factors in mind:

 Wish list

First step most important one to be done, which order to effectively update your home. The basement is a must for the kids and my husband, or the kitchen is my wife’s priority. 


Phased remodeling allows you to determine what you want to upgrade first.  Example you might want to open up one space, or close off another.  Update the powder room first before remodeling the master bath or the kitchen.

 Project plan

After completing several remodeling projects you’ll find this is just what you wanted, and on to the next room.  No matter what updates you choose to do first, consult with our team of professionals to learn about the best remodeling projects to create your dream home.

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