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Home Renovation - Frederick, MD

Just wanted to take some time to let Talon know how pleased we are with our condo renovation. Talon paid attention to detail, was easy to deal with, communicated professionally and when issues came up, was fair, thoughtful and creative. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Talon to anyone who is considering a renovation or construction job. Should we need additional services, we surely will contact Talon.

Dan M.
Frederick, MD
March 2016

Basement Renovation - Sandy Spring, MD

We hired Talon to finish our basement. From the first meeting with designers to the moment they put the finishing touches on our house, we were very impressed. They catered to our every request without delay and all of the subs were top notch. We are already thinking about the next project we will have Talon back for!

Patrick O’Connell
Sandy Spring, MD
June 2, 2016

Home Renovation - Frederick, MD

We recently used Talon Construction for a complete master bath renovation. The end product is wonderful! I am quite picky about details and the finished product is to my complete satisfaction. We were impressed with the professionalism of all Talon employees. They were willing to work with my design changes and workers sought my input at every stage. Our project manager was immediately responsive to calls and concerns along the way. They tidied up thoroughly at the end of each day -a real plus.

We would not hesitate to use Talon again for a future project.

Paula Haney
Frederick, MD
March 2016

Vendor - Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens - Frederick, MD

We are in the business of custom kitchen design and supplying custom cabinetry. We have had the pleasure to work with Talon Construction Inc. on several jobs in the last year. They are everything that we could ask for in a general contractor. Their work is outstanding. They are very precise and everything that they do seems to be well planned. They are also adept at quickly resolving unexpected issues that are a fact of life with remodeling. From our end, we are delighted with their beautiful installations of our cabinetry. They execute even our most complex plans to perfection. They take pride in their high work and are focused on satisfying their clients. And perhaps the most rewarding part of working with Talon is that they are professional, honest and genuinely nice people. We highly recommend Talon Construction.

Larry Rosen
Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens
January 2016

Master Bath - Frederick, MD

We recently completed an extensive master bath renovation (complete gut job) with Talon Construction. Once our contract was ironed out, everything was smooth sailing and transparent with respect to product allowances, billing, and work being warranted. The foreman and crew were very professional, highly skilled, tidy and super pleasant to work with. Plus, having the job completed right on schedule was a nice bonus. If ever we were to tackle another reno we definitely would go with Talon again (even to the point of requesting the exact same crew). While the process was somewhat tedious to live through, I have to say that we are very pleased with our gorgeous new bathroom!

Frederick, MD
January 2016

Basement Renovation - Meyersville, MD

Talon finished our basement and did an amazing job! They were very professional and all the contractors they had helping with the project were on top of everything. I would definitely recommend them for any remodeling.

Karen Chumbris
Meyersville, MD
December 2015

Architect - Bethesda, MD

I have worked with Talon Construction for several years, and they have always done an excellent job on my projects. I often recommend them to clients as a possible builder, and I have never had a disappointed client.

Bob is great working with homeowners on the project, with a very positive attitude about everything. Talon Construction is always able to keep us aware of progress and budget on a project, with regular progress updates and Bob, Dave, and Ed will let us know when they need a decision on our end, which is critical to keeping a project on schedule. They think carefully about the best way to approach a project, studying the drawings and the scope of work, and I always welcome their building suggestions since it often results in a better end result. They are also willing to work through a construction challenge with the entire team-remodeling older houses is tricky due to hidden problems, and we all work together to find the best, most economical solution.

Finally, the finished product is high quality and the trim work is excellent. I couldn't recommend them more.

Will Cawood, RA
December 2015

Bathroom Renovation - Gaithersburg, MD

We can't say enough good things about Talon. Bob, Ed and Dave are true professionals and made the process of finishing our basement a pleasure. We interviewed three companies, Talon was not the cheapest but definitely the best. Our basement project was approx 1100 sf, creating a large media room, storage areas, office, full bath, and space for future gym and bar. Talon helped refine our 'wish list' into workable spaces, and spaces that worked with our budget. Framing began in February 2015, on the exact date promised. Dave is a fantastic project manager - always checking in with us at the end of the day to get our approval on the progress and willing to make changes. All of the employees who were in our house during those 7 weeks were polite and respectful. Ed came by on a regular basis to keep us updated on expenditures and payments due. The project was completed on time and within budget. Remodeling projects are more than just dates and number$. With Talon, we hired a company that understood our vision and earned our complete trust and confidence.

Gaithersburg, MD
November 2015

Home Renovation - Frederick, MD

To Talon Construction Owners,

We are writing to give feedback on our recent experience with our bathroom remodel. Specifically, we want to share our opinion of the sales experience, the work, the ethic of the men who came to our home, and our overall perception of the company.

From our first encounter with a Talon employee, we formed a positive impression as; we met Sabrina when we dropped by the office to inquire about the company. Her personable, professional and knowledgeable communication encouraged us to schedule a meeting with Paul to discuss the possibility of hiring Talon Construction to remodel our bathroom and complete other minor projects around our house. Following that, we had several meetings with Paul and Brian, where we discussed both design and cost. We found the guidance regarding design to be transparent and reasonable. We especially appreciated the suggestion to put in a corner cabinet, as it turned out to be our favorite feature of the bathroom.

Throughout the project, we have been pleased with the men from Talon who did the actual work, as well as subcontractors arranged by Talon. Every Talon employee who came into our home showed us respect, demonstrated outstanding work ethics, and performed their tasks conscientiously and expertly. Overall, the subcontractors demonstrated professionalism, provided help when there were selections to be made, and did quality work. We were particularly pleased with the beautiful cabinets built by Glenn and the quality of guidance and work from Wayne and his men from Potomac Tile & Carpet. It has become clear that integrity, respect and quality are part of the fabric of the Talon philosophy, as evidenced by all of the men who worked in our home.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to commend the leadership of Matt MacDonald. From our first meeting until the job was completed, we have been more that pleased with all Matt has done. He kept us informed every step of the way, and involved where appropriate. He communicated his schedule as well as those of the subcontractors, so we always know who was coming each day, and what we needed to do to prepare at various stages. He modeled professionalism, flexibility and collegiality throughout as he interacted with the other Talon employees, the subs, and us. He took great care to ensure that all of his work, and the work of others, was of the highest standard, and he listened and responded whenever we had the inevitable questions or concerns. It was obvious throughout the process that he takes great pride in doing outstanding work, often going above what could be reasonably expected. His respectful, approachable demeanor helped make what we had expected to be an exhausting, invasive, anxiety-producing ordeal a very manageable, minimally disruptive endeavor. We could not be more pleased with the results.

We are truly grateful for the efforts taken by everyone associated with this project for enhancing our home with their beautiful work. We have already begun recommending Talon Construction to our friends.

Cynthia Duranko
Cindy Smith
2209 Avalon Ct.
Frederick, MD
January 2016

New Custom Home - Frederick, MD

Dearest Bob,

It is with the greatest of all joys that we are now preparing to move into “Storybook”. We have established a date with Marty of 8/22, but there are some things that will be put in a bit before -- shades in the bedroom for one, all else to follow in proper order.

We were presented with a magnificent brass plate with the name of Storybook and the years of our dream. In truth, it brought tears to my eyes and I had to excuse myself from the room, least I make things awkward for those around me. We are eternally grateful for your recognition of our hearts and of a dream long held. Thank you. It is to be set in to the front porch in short order.

We hold that the plate will serve as evidence of Talon's dedication to us, your clients, and to the adage that when a man truly loves what he does, then it is not work, but rather a joyful thing, self-evident in his craft. Such as it is with Talon.

The house is a true work of art - true craftsmanship, highest of quality, every attention to detail that could be tended to. We wanted for nothing more. The house is beautiful beyond all imagination.

A few things that I must add:

The process of building this house has been a huge learning curve for us. Your staff made it a point to take the time to explain each step along the way to us, keeping things running smoothly and clearly. There was very little stress, other than worrying over the men out in the cold when the house was begun....You have good men.

Of course, I must mention Marty Holly. He is quite simply the best. Honorable, encyclopedic in his knowledge, an incredible eye for detail and scale, exquisite taste for the finer things to be considered for a house such as Storybook, while working within budget. Very honest with me about selections, helpful but not intrusive. Integrity beyond the norm. Not even a cigarette butt could be found on the property. Ever. He held the respect of every man there. It was clear. He was my rock -- I could not have done this without him. You were quite correct when you said that you were putting your best man on this job. He is the best. Plain and simple. I hope to remain in touch with him throughout the years, as I now consider him my friend.

I have met so many wonderful people - Hippie, Will.... the electricians, the painters the plumbers, the tillers, one and all... everyone was a delight to talk to. I always tried my best to show my appreciation for their workmanship. They took great pride in being recognized for what they do. Their names will all be part of Storybook forever more. They all said - to the man - that it was a beautiful house, and that they were proud to be a part of it.

The grounds are waiting to be landscaped, and I look forward to working with landscape architects to create gardens that will be worthy of this house.

All in good time....

Should you ever decide that you want photos of it, please allow us to do this for you. We are working with decorators as I write this, wanting so much to insure that the integrity of the design of the house is carried though into its final touches.

I do hope that you will visit, and will look forward to seeing you in the future as a great friend. I hope it brings you great joy to know of the joy that you bring to others. It is a great gift to give.

The house will outlive us all, and its history will travel with it in the form of a great story, bound for all time in its own book. I will pass a copy to you when it is complete.

From our hearts, we thank you.

Always be well.

Dr. Michael & Ellen Lerner
Frederick, MD
August 2015

Basement Finishing – Potomac, MD

We highly recommend Talon Construction. They were organized, transparent, reasonably priced and very client friendly. Most importantly, they did a fantastic job with our basement.

Organized – As soon as we called them, Talon set up an appointment to get measurements of our basement.  This was our first major home improvement project, so we were unsure what to expect. Talon comprehensively detailed their general process and plan for projects. We were very nicely surprised when they designed three very good and detailed plans for the look of our basement without even a commitment from us to engage them. This immediately put us at ease and fostered our sense of trust in the company.

Transparent – At the onset, Talon was very upfront about the costs of the project. Shortly after taking measurements, Talon provided us with a written estimate.  While other contractors we engaged also provided us with costs, the thing that set Talon apart was that it provided detailed and specific descriptions for each part of the project (e.g., identifying what came with the costs), including allowances for specific portions of the project (i.e., flooring, cabinets, bathroom/fixtures). These allowances were generally generous, and covered much of the higher end materials we chose - if we chose items that were below the allowances, those amounts came back to us.

Reasonably Priced – The written estimate that we received was better than the majority of the other contractors that we considered. They stuck to the estimate and the only costs that went over were when we chose higher end items for our bathroom and flooring.

Very Client Friendly – Talon did not pressure us to make a decision on what items we wanted or on our timeframes. When the project started, they let us know far in advance when we needed to make our selections by, so they could complete the project on time. Also, they were always willing to answer questions thoughtfully, with the attitude that no question is too dumb to answer.  In addition, when the basement was complete, they came back during the spring to repair grass that was trodden on during the renovation. They also assured us a return visit in the winter (after one season of settling). If anything goes wrong, we feel confident that Talon would come back to address the issue. They were really just a great pleasure to work with.

Another thing that we liked about Talon is their business structure. The three individuals we worked with throughout the process each had a stake in the company, and accordingly, had a stake in the outcome of the basement. We believe that this structure made a big difference.

Overall, we were very pleased with the work of Talon. We set high expectations for the company after hearing great things about them, and were very pleasantly surprised when they exceeded those expectations.

July 2015

New home in Frederick

They say that building a home is a very stressful event, but with Talon, the process is smooth and professional from beginning to end. Everyone in the company is client focused. Talon exhibits a truly unified partnership and sense of purpose. Every one of their workers is part of the team, carefully selected for the pride in quality of their workmanship.

They make sure that they are a part of the vision that I have for my home, and keep me informed every step of the way. Every detail is taken very seriously - when there are choices to be made, I am called in to consult with the project manager as to my options. Each and every worker on the site is a true craftsman and professional -- simply put, everything is done right.

Storybook had many challenges, and each challenge was met with great skill and attention. To this I would add that the worksite is always kept clean and orderly, and watching this house grow from the ground has been a remarkable experience.

I highly recommend Talon construction to anyone wanting the best built and most beautiful house possible. The entire process has been nothing short of stunning!

June 2015

Kitchen Renovation - Frederick, MD

I just don't have enough stars to express how wonderful my experience has been! From the initial meeting, through the design process, and even including the last walk through, the team at Talon displayed exceptional creativity, clear and frequent communication, quality workmanship, attention to detail, pure professionalism. I couldn't be happier with my decision to use them for my project. There is a reason they are rated as Frederick's #1 Carpenter/Home Improvement team. I'm a happy, happy homeowner again.

Lori R.
Frederick, MD
May 2015

Home Remodeling

Bob and Ellen,

I finally had an opportunity last Friday to visit the home. I must say I thought the construction thus far is beyond my expectations. After being involved with many custom homes over the years, its few these days that make me say WOW but this was one. Bob, many high marks to your framers and the Talon staff that put it together. Besides the complexity of the structure, the craftsmanship on the exterior features is superb and reflects a high degree of skill and personal pride. I can hardly wait for the interior now!

I also think we collectively did a good job of siting the house on the lot. The views of the pond and mountains are captured nicely from the rear rooms and porch. The home also has a stately appearance from the front as you approach.

April 2015

Master Bedroom Remodel

Hello Ed,

The project looks great and I’m very happy with the work that Talon did. I realize that it was tricky at times in light of the various people involved (and my impatience), so I particularly appreciate Dave’s calm and attentive manner in handling the project.

D. Rismiller
Potomac, MD
January 2015

Basement in Gaithersburg

Talon Construction finished our basement. They did a wonderful job. They were very easy to work with and very accommodating. We would hire them again.

November 2014

Pool house in Potomac

Talon Construction added a 3000 SF pool house/ office addition for us. Their quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail are as good as we have seen. And they work to find solutions in the field that help achieve the owner's vision. In this day and age it is hard to find a builder who takes such pride in the quality of their work and satisfaction of their client.

July 2014

Addition in Frederick

Our remodel experience with Talon Construction was excellent. We expanded a room and added a bathroom over our garage and also partially remodeled another bathroom. Talon with Ed, Paul and Mary provided as close to a turnkey remodel experience as we believe humanly possible. Any complex remodeling process has glitches (and change orders) along the way. What makes the difference between stressful experience and a great, smooth experience, is how these issues are handled. We feel like we were brought into the process and expertly guided all along the way. Talon’s honest, customer oriented approach is worth its weight in gold. We were entirely satisfied with the end result achieved.

September 2014

Ed, Paul,

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the work done by you and the rest of the Talon team.  In particular, I want to call out the fine service of Eddy Parks.  For Denise and me Eddy was the face of Talon.  He was always energetic, helpful, and what is vital to an eight-week engagement, cheerful.  Living on site during a renovation is stressful.  Eddy’s positive attitude made it manageable. He was a pleasure to work with and a real asset to your firm.

Once again, let me thank you for your work.  Denise and I are delighted with the results.  We do have other improvements in mind and will reach out to you when we move forward.

Fred & Denise S.
Frederick, MD
May 2014

To the Talon Team:

Oh, Paul....

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been. I am singing Talon's praises to anybody who will listen! Chad is a jewel, and your whole operation is top notch. Professionals, all around! I plan on writing a glowing Angie's List review as soon as I have a chance, and will send it to y'all also. Talon delivered on everything you promised. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sandy K.
Frederick, MD
November 2013

Home Renovation

To Talon,

We would like to personally extend our gratitude for your patience with us and our remodel project in the aftermath of Storm Sandy. From the first time I met Taylor, who immediately responded to my phone call and our time with Paul, on-site from start to finish, we were pleased. You really do care, which is getting harder to find today.

Talon Construction will rebuild a strong supportive structure from top to bottom … or bottom to top, as well as improving the overall look of your home, making it "pop".

We would and do highly recommend Talon Construction to all for any construction needs. You will not be disappointed! Trust is guaranteed.

With sincere thoughts
Arlan & Ceil B.
Frederick, MD
October 2013

Home Renovation


We're delighted with the results - the house looks much, much better and we love the screened porch. It was a pleasure to work with Talon - a great group of guys!

Adrienne and Bruce B.
Gaithersburg (Kentlands), MD
April 2013

Addition in Silver Spring

I would recommend Talon to anyone looking to do a renovation or addition. We added a large addition to our home and interviewed several companies. We could tell right away that Talon was the right choice. We started going over ideas right away, got a quick estimate, and even a computer animated sketch of what our home would look like. We were given cell phone numbers and email addresses for everyone involved from the sales manager to the operations manager to the guys at our house doing the work. The level of communication and response was outstanding. The project was finished on time even after a few changes made by us. We couldn't have been happier with our home and the level of service From Talon!

July 2012

Addition in Montgomery County

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Talon Construction. They completed a 740 ft addition onto our 1939 colonial home. The addition is two stories and includes a family room, office/bedroom and powder room on the first floor and a master suite/bathroom on the second floor. My husband and I knew Talon was for us when we went to their website and saw the code of conduct listed. My husband is in law enforcement so security is as important to us as the quality of work. It also seemed like Talon really takes pride in their company and after working with them we can tell you that it is so true. They cared that every last detail was taken care of and really made the addition feel like it has always been there by paying close attention to detail and truly providing outstanding craftsmanship. My husband and I absolutely LOVE every room and can’t decide which one is our favorite. Not to mention, all of this was completed in 4 months. They were dedicated and hard working from start to end and completed the project before the deadline. The team was 100% professional and extremely pleasant to work with. To mention a few Bob, Ed and Marty you all are the best and true masters of your profession. Thank you, thank you, thank you Talon for building us our dream home!!!!!

December 2012

Addition in Kentlands

Talon construction did two projects for me and my wife. First we were not sure who they were and had not worked with them before so we gave them a small project in the house. It was removal of an old fireplace and installation of a storage cabinet. They did a very professional, clean and efficient job.

Next, we decided to do a major addition to our house. What started as a screened in sunroom became a octagon sunroom with a coppola and four season construction. We worked with an architect to design the building and then put the work out to bid. Talon's bid was in the middle of the prices we got. Because the project was so complicated we were very concerned. We choose Talon because of the people. Specifically Bob and Dave. Bob tends to work in the sales area (though he can swing a hammer) and Dave tends to do the delivery (I've seen him with several hammers).

The project kicked off on time and was an absolute pleasure to see come together. Specifically, the employees they brought to the site were incredibly professional and very good at what they did. Talon also works with subcontractors on various parts of the job and seems to have found very solid people. They all worked as a single team as far as I could tell. Frankly, I don't think Talon would let monkeys or anyone else not top notch screw up their reputation.

To cut to the chase - Talon is a top flight firm. I get nothing for this review and have no reason to say anything but the truth. We need to know who the good guys are and keep them in business. I am happy to provide details or comments to anyone who wants to know. Chris Hodges iamchrishodges@yahoo.com

Some facts:
Project finished on time, under budget, to spec. No disruptions, no complaints, no delinquencies. We got what we paid for in tangibles and more than we paid for in the intangibles of trust and confidence.

May 2012

Home Renovation

Bob, Ed & Marty,

We cannot be happier with the amazing work that you all have done. The house takes our breath away—truly beautiful. It was such a pleasure working with all of you and we cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate all of your hard work. We will certainly be back for phase 2 (kitchen) in the future. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for building our dream home!

Take care and Merry Christmas!
Dawn & Tom D.
Silver Spring, MD
December 2012

Home Addition

Hi Ed (Talon Project Manager) & Will (Architect),

I just wanted to tell you both again how thrilled we are with the new addition to our house, your attention to detail, and how easy it has been to work with you. We've had three construction projects at the house; this was by far the largest and yet the most painless. I attribute that both to the guidance we had from Will and to Talon’s professionalism.

Thank you!
Jenny R. & Gabe H.
Silver Spring, MD
June 2012

Home Renovation

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you and your crew did with our basement. We’re very pleased with the way it turned out and it’s been a big hit with the boys and their friends. I really appreciate how well-organized and efficient everything was under your guidance, from working with the vendors to knowing about the next steps/processes – it was all much easier than anticipated. Thanks also for the paint suggestions and for painting on your days off.

When you send us the warranty information, can you also include a brochure or a business card? I have a friend who is considering remodeling her kitchen and I would like to pass along your company’s information. Thanks again!

Take care,
Lauren & Ben
February 2012

Whole house renovation in Kentlands

Talon Construction Inc. is one of the greatest construction companies in the area and we are fortunate to have a construction company of their caliber available to us in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. My husband and I came to know Talon at a time of real crisis - while on vacation approximately 80% of our home was destroyed when a toilet fill-valve broke and many thousands of water ( WSSC estimated approximately 58,000 gallons) flowed through our home over a 10 day period. Talon came to our rescue. They under-bid another company by $75,000; their expertise in dealing with home owner's insurance was extensive, and an agreement with the insurance company was reached in a reasonable amount of time. Their workers from top down were top-notch professionals, who came highly recommended. They did an excellent job and they took pride in their work. No one could have asked for more of them. They worked for us over an 8 month period and we came to know them as family. At our home the Talon Team remodeled bathrooms, bedrooms, re-did the entire main level that included our kitchen, dining room and living room. We were very pleased with all of the work they did and would not hesitate to hire them again in the future. They possess something in this day and age that rarely exists - INTEGRITY! From the bottom of our hearts we say "Thank you Talon for all you did for us and for rebuilding our lives!"

April 2011

Basement in New Market

I have been working with Talon for many years over many projects. I truly cannot say enough about Talon as a whole. They just do things right. From initial concepts to estimates and then construction you never have to wonder about quality. Their communication is thorough and consistent throughout the entire process. Additionally, and this is rare, at no time were there any financial surprises or shadiness - just integrity throughout.

Bottom line, I cannot entrust using any other firm for my projects. I am a Talon fan.

January 2011

Bathroom Renovation

Bob, Ed, and Dave,

We are anticipating that our bathroom remodeling project will be complete in the next day or two. Our house has been a mess, but, it has been worth it: our bathrooms look amazing!

From the very beginning, we felt well taken care of and respected. From the thoroughness of the estimate to the concern for finishing detail, it has been a pleasure to work with all of you. The process of choosing all of the elements for each bathroom was also smooth and enjoyable. Wayne Staley at Potomac Tile and Carpet, Leslie Gordon at Noland, and Bill Putiri at Cabinet Discounters were all extremely helpful talking through ideas and giving suggestions. The completed tile work, Howard's plumbing work, and Nathan's electrical work have added so much to the two spaces. We also appreciate the days Howard put in to re-plumb our entire home.

Every person who has stopped by to see the bathrooms has agreed: fantastic!

Thank you,
Anne and Michael G.
Ijamsville, MD
November 2011

Home Renovation

I wanted to send a quick note to let you, Dave and the rest of the team know how pleased we were with our experience using Talon Construction. As you know, we have had bad experiences in the past with other contractors who have taken way longer than the agreed upon time to finish their jobs and have not had a great attention to detail. That was not the case at all with Talon. We were refreshed with the open communication, the promptness of delivery and the courtesy of the crew. We are extremely happy with our basement, powder room and sunroom renovations. We will definitely use Talon again for home projects in the future!

Michael and Cheryl
Gaithersburg (Kentlands), MD
October 2011

Addition in Adamstown

Talon Construction is an exceptionally professional company with superb knowledge, skills, and abilities. The craftsmanship on my project was exacting and superbly constructed. I have recommended Talon to my friends and colleagues new have engaged them to do additional projects.

February 2010

Basement Finishing

We are so thrilled with the basement. It's everything we wanted and more! I'm not sure who'll be down there more - us or the kids! We'd be happy to be a reference for Talon. It was a pleasure working with everyone on your team. Thanks again and wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

Thank you!

Lisa & David, Boyds, MD - Nov. 2010

Home Remodeling

I work with a LOT of remodeling vendors in my business, so I wanted to recommend one I've used over the past several months who are truly outstanding professionals, and whom I can recommend without hesitation.

Remodeling/Renovation/Construction: Talon Construction in Frederick, MD - Principals: Bob Deiuliis, Ed Rasavage, and David Ivkovich - Office: 301-620-8604

I have worked with them on 3 projects over the past year, including my own house. They are honest, know what they're doing, professional and very responsible. The difference between contractors who don't use a regular team, and those who have their own full-time employees is critically important.

I plan to use them exclusively for my business, and I've worked with many, many contractors over the past 20 years.

Hope that helps, and happy remodeling!

Kirsten Anthony Kaplan
Haus Interior Design
p. 301.785.8065
f. 301.869.8397

Home Renovation

Bob –

You guys are awesome!
The house is looking wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work.
Congrats on #1 (Best of Frederick) – again!

Lauren & Bryan N.
Frederick (Baker Park), MD

To the Talon Team:


Thank you so very much for all each and every one of you did. Steve and I feel such a debt of gratitude for helping return our home to us! A very special thank you to Bob and Dave, who were there during our times of crisis. Both of you touched our hearts. All our best to all of you and yours!

Brenda & Steve
Gaithersburg (Kentlands), MD

Bathroom Renovation


Ed was here today so Bruce and I were able to tell him how happy we are with our bathroom renovation. But we want to make sure you know how pleased we are with the way it turned out and also want to thank you for your part in the process. You have been great to work with and we appreciate how you communicated every step of the way so we weren't left guessing or worrying. All of your crew and the subs were always polite and helpful. Please thank them for keeping our house as clean as they could. Also, we appreciate your help with the siding - thanks for throwing that in.

The bathroom looks awesome. We've already told our neighbors and friends how happy we are with Talon. Thanks for everything.

Adrienne and Bruce

Dear Talon Construction Group,

I say "group" because I cannot list all of the people who helped us along the way with this project. Chuck and I want to express our sincere gratitude for all you did to make the project Right. We know that your dedication and integrity throughout the entire time was a unique quality your company carries. Thank you! The bathroom is indeed perfect.

Thank you,
Chuck & Denise, Frederick, MD

Basement Finishing

Thank you. As usual, Talon did a wonderful job. Everything is as perfect as human hands can make. We need to redo the front porch and look forward to having Talon back for that a bit later in the year. By the way … the bathroom looks incredibly good!

John & Barb, Woodbine, MD

Basement Finishing

On behalf of Gretchen & myself, I wanted to extend our thanks to the entire Talon team. We are very happy with the basement as well as the entire process of working with Talon Construction.  Dave and his team did a first-rate job and really worked diligently with us to get the elements of the basement exactly the way we wanted them.  We look forward to engaging Talon on our next project.

Evan & Gretchen, Eldersburg, MD

Basement Finishing

We love the basement! The carpet went in yesterday and we’re so very pleased with everything. I think it looks great – thanks for everything

Laura & Alan, Clarksburg, MD

Home Addition

We are so pleased with everything. It has exceeded our expectations by far

Cass & Mike, Mt. Airy, MD

Home Addition

… Marty is great and things are moving along nicely. I wish I had discovered you folks much sooner!

Brian & Ann, Monrovia, MD

Home Renovation

Thanks very much for the extra care in the construction of our beautiful front porch. It was a good experience from the beginning to the end. Thank you again and may God Bless.

Gerry & Shirley, Mt. Airy, MD

Basement Finishing

We are writing to convey our compliments to Talon for outstanding work in finishing our basement. This was a major undertaking and your team and subcontractors did the job beautifully … within the time frame promised and with virtually zero difficulties. We also want you to know that you have every reason to be proud of the team who made this project happen. We know we made the right decision in selecting Talon as our contractor.

Talon is not only an excellent construction company, but also a great integrator of a myriad of products to form a top-notch finished product. Congratulations on a job very well done.  We will be pleased to serve as references.

George and Mary, Thurmont, MD

Home Renovation

Thank you for a job well done in transforming our old greenhouse into a delightful living space.  We appreciate Talon’s attention to detail on our small project that involved a great deal of coordination of the many trades involved.

Marty deserves special recognition for his dedication in making our job a pleasant experience as well as bringing it to successful completion. When the going had the potential to get tough, Marty just got it going and always made sure things got done right.

Not only was the work finely crafted, but was noteworthy further for the fact that the job site was left cleaner than when they arrived

We wish you continued success in all your endeavors and look forward to discussing our next project with you soon.

Ron & Kelsey, Frederick, MD

Kitchen Renovation

Hi folks --- I wanted to thank Talon for the excellent work performed on our renovation. I know we have been difficult clients and quite demanding at times. Everybody at Talon has done an excellent job to make us happy with everything. We’re looking forward to cooking up many nice meals in our new kitchen and many hours relaxing on our new deck.  Again … many thanks.

Matt & Lori, Potomac, MD

Kitchen Remodel

George and I wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful new kitchen. It all went so smoothly thanks to Talon’s guidance and careful planning. Everyone involved in installing the cabinets worked so hard … three days from tear-out to installation! As for the rest of the job, everyone was polite, reliable and did their work to our complete satisfaction.

Thanks again for a very pleasant experience and a well-built kitchen we will enjoy for many years to come.

Please feel free to use us as references for future work. We are so pleased and happy to share that satisfaction with anyone you think would be interested.

Anne & George, New Market, MD

Kitchen Remodel

We wanted to thank you for remodeling our kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with it. Your expertise and service is exceptional. All the way through from start to finish we knew we were in capable hands. Your design suggestions combined with our ideas and wishes created a work of are that we will enjoy for years to come. Even our neighbors, many of whom have had experiences with home remodeling were amazed at the dedication of your fine company. We have and will continue to recommend your company and crew to all our friends and neighbors. We also plan to report your good service on Angie’s List … one of the resources we used to find you.

Thank you again for all your efforts. It was such a pleasure to work with you all. We will thank you again in person when we have you all over for an “open kitchen” likely in early March.

Julie & Jim, Frederick, MD

Home Renovation

Thank you so much for your help in getting an electrician to our home and getting our new pool light up. It looks great.  Although a small project, it was handled professionally and promptly.  You all are great! Please feel free to use us as a reference … we would love to talk about how wonderful Talon is!

Melissa, Frederick, MD

Kitchen Renovation

We could never thank Talon enough for all the hard work put forth on our new kitchen project. We hesitated on going forward with the project until we called Talon. We knew than that we had found the right company for the job from the very first meeting.

Marty was our project manager & had everyone here that would be involved on the first day to go over the plans & schedule for the new kitchen (a schedule that they stuck by!!!)

The communication they had was truly amazing as well as the craftsmanship. The end result is more than we could have hoped for. We love our kitchen and would highly recommend Talon Construction to anyone who wanted to start any project … big or small.

Thanks again to all involved!

Ellie & Blair, Adamstown, MD

Commercial Renovation

Thank you for making our spring building renovation a success!  With the generous support of Talon Construction, we have successfully rejuvenated our 10 year old building.  But you and I both know Heartly House is much more than just a building. For more than 25 years, Heartly House has been caring for Frederick’s survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

On behalf of Heartly House, I would like to acknowledge Talon Construction for generously donating cabinets and providing kitchen/general contracting trade work.

Again, thank you for helping us to make a difference for the clients wee serve.

BRM, CEO, Heartly House

Home Renovation

Phase one of our construction is almost complete. Both Tom and I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with Talon Construction and in particular those responsible for our addition.  While no construction is without challenges, we are thrilled with the outcome. …everyone who even came close to this project went above and beyond to make sure the job was completed to our satisfaction.

Phase II is scheduled to start in June and we look forward to Marty coming back with his crew to ensure that the job gets done right.

Amy & Tom, Frederick, MD

Basement Finishing

We want to express a sincere thank you for doing an excellent job finishing our basement. The criteria we looked for in a general contractor were quite evident in Talon Construction and you surpassed our expectations from the start.

Specifically, licensing, communication, quality of work, experience, consistency and timely completion were all stand-out attributes you easily exceeded

We also wanted to thank you for your guidance both as we reviewed the plans and during construction in order to decide what we wanted to include in the basement. Your opinions and experience helped us tremendously! This was priceless information as we have=d never undertaken such a project.

Once again, thank you all.

Deb & Michael, N. Potomac, MD

Basement Finishing

Just an update on the progress of the basement. The flooring people were here Monday and Tuesday and the place looks great. Thanks once again for all your guys hard work. The basement is great!

Chris & Heather, Montgomery Village, MD

Basement Finishing

(The following is the reply sent to a potential client (Ernie) who contacted :Randy" for a reference on Talon)
Good afternoon Ernie,

I hope you enjoyed the nice spring weekend. We selected Talon for our complex addition based upon my careful research and knowledge of Frederick County Maryland homebuilders. Talon has been rated #1 for the past 3 years in Frederick Magazine. A key factor was a colleague of mine who was delighted with the addition Talon completed for her in Montgomery County. I highly endorse the design/build concept; otherwise I believe that we would have ended up with a box instead of an aesthetic addition to complement our existing home. Our home, on 45 acres in Southern Frederick County, is an American Four Square built in 1920. The house has distinctive millwork such as chestnut baseboard molding and chestnut colonnades with heart of pine floors throughout. My wife’s mantra throughout the design and construction was “make it match the existing home”. The workmanship was exquisite such that the addition completely interdigitates with the preexisting structure with all the woodwork matching perfectly (ash was used because it most closely resembles chestnut which is no longer available). We intend to contract with Talon again to renovate the bathrooms and attic, which again will require their imagination to adhere to my wife’s directive. Very best regards.


(The following was received by Talon from Randy)
I would be remiss if, after all the emails of questions and concerns, I did not express my sincerest appreciation for all of your courtesy, consideration and cooperation. You are the penultimate professionals in the home building business. Marisa and I will soon occupy an addition that exceeds our expectations and will provide comfort for many years to come.

Randy & Marisa, Adamstown, MD