Who does design build sunroom additions

Choose the best design build remodeling company to do the job right

Who does design build sunroom additions in the Frederick Maryland area and does it the right way

  1. Meet with a sunroom design build company. The first step is to meet with a sunroom designer to discuss your needs and wants. They will help you choose the right size and style of sunroom for your home, and they will also help you with the planning and permitting process.
  2. Selecting fixtures and finishes. Vendor selections for your sunroom addition can greatly impact its overall aesthetic and functionality. Here’s a guide to help you make your selections:
    1. Flooring:
      • Tile: Porcelain or ceramic tiles are durable and come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. They’re easy to clean and maintain.
      • Hardwood: If you’re looking for a warm and natural feel, hardwood flooring can be a great choice. However, be cautious with exposure to direct sunlight, as it can cause fading over time.
      • Vinyl: LVP vinyl plank flooring can mimic the look of hardwood while being more resistant to moisture and sunlight. It’s also relatively affordable.
    2. Fireplace:
      • Gas Fireplace: A gas fireplace can provide both warmth and ambiance with the flick of a switch. It’s convenient and cleaner compared to wood-burning fireplaces.
      • Electric Fireplace: An electric fireplace offers similar ambiance without the need for ventilation or gas lines. It’s easy to install and maintain.
    3. Light Fixtures:
      • Chandelier: A chandelier can add elegance and a focal point to the room. Choose a style that complements the overall decor.
      • Recessed Lighting: Recessed lights provide even and ambient lighting. They’re unobtrusive and can be strategically placed for optimal illumination.
      • Pendant Lights: Pendant lights can be hung over a dining or seating area to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
    4. Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans help with air circulation and temperature control in the sunroom:
      1. Size and Quantity: Consider the size of your sunroom and the number of ceiling fans needed to provide adequate airflow. Larger rooms might require multiple fans, while smaller spaces might only need one.
      2. Style and Design: Choose a fan design that complements the overall aesthetic of your sunroom. Options range from traditional to modern, and you can find fans with various finishes and blade designs
    5. Window Treatments:
      • Curtains/Drapes: Fabric curtains can add softness to the space and provide privacy. Opt for lighter fabrics that allow natural light to filter through.
      • Blinds/Shades: Blinds or shades offer adjustable light control. Consider options that block excessive heat and UV rays to protect your furniture and finishes.

      Remember to keep the overall design and functionality of the sunroom in mind while making your selections. It’s a space where you can enjoy sunlight, nature, and relaxation, so create an environment that aligns with your preferences and choose the right design build company for your needs.