Kitchen and bathroom remodel in New Market, MD, Phil and Janice W

“Talon is “THE” company to go to. We had a major project: basically, our whole house was redesigned in the interior including the kitchen, bathrooms, floors etc.  We had walls knocked down and windows replaced.  From the very start, the folks at Talon helped with the design.  The result is better than what we expected.  Our project lasted a few months.  With some contractors (many), they will disappear for a while and nothing gets done.  Not with Talon – we had people working on our project continuously.  Our project supervisor, Hutch, was great.  Everyone at Talon was super eager to please and make sure that what was done was to our satisfaction.

Frankly, I don’t think other contractors could handle and coordinate like Talon can.  Their pricing was reasonable but simply put – you pay for a professional and you got a professional.  Highly recommend.”

Phil and Janice W – Kitchen and bathroom remodel in New Market, MD November 2017