New custom home in Frederick

“It is with the greatest of all joys that we are now preparing to move into “Storybook”. We have established a date with Marty of 8/22, but there are some things that will be put in a bit before — shades in the bedroom for one, all else to follow in proper order.

We were presented with a magnificent brass plate with the name of Storybook and the years of our dream. In truth, it brought tears to my eyes and I had to excuse myself from the room, least I make things awkward for those around me. We are eternally grateful for your recognition of our hearts and of a dream long held. Thank you. It is to be set on the front porch in short order.

We hold that the plate will serve as evidence of Talon’s dedication to us, your clients, and to the adage that when a man truly loves what he does, then it is not work, but rather a joyful thing, self-evident in his craft, Such as it is with Talon.

The house is a true work of art – true craftsmanship, highest of quality, every attention to detail that could be tended to. We wanted for nothing more. The house is beautiful beyond all imagination.

A few things that I must add:

The process of building this house has been a huge learning curve for us. Your staff made it a point to take the time to explain each step along the way to us, keeping things running smoothly and clearly. There was very little stress, other than worrying about the men out in the cold when the house was begun…You have good men.

Of course, I must mention Marty Holly. He is quite simply the best. Honorable, encyclopedic in his knowledge, an incredible eye for detail and scale, exquisite taste for the finer things to be considered for a house such as Storybook while working within the budget. Very honest with me about selections, helpful but not intrusive. Integrity beyond the norm. Not even a cigarette butt could be found on the property. Ever!  He held the respect of every man there. It was clear. He was my rock — I could not have done this without him. You were quite correct when you said that you were putting your best man on this job. He is the best. Plain and simple. I hope to remain in touch with him throughout the years, as I now consider him my friend.

I have met so many wonderful people – Hippie, Will…. the electricians, the painters the plumbers, the tillers, one and all… everyone was a delight to talk to. I always tried my best to show my appreciation for their workmanship. They took great pride in being recognized for what they do. Their names will all be part of Storybook forever more. They all said – to the man – that it was a beautiful house, and that they were proud to be a part of it.

The grounds are waiting to be landscaped, and I look forward to working with landscape architects to create gardens that will be worthy of this house.

All in good time…Should you ever decide that you want photos of it, please allow us to do this for you. We are working with decorators as I write this, wanting so much to ensure that the integrity of the design of the house is carried through into its final touches.

I do hope that you will visit, and will look forward to seeing you in the future as a great friend. I hope it brings you great joy to know of the joy that you bring to others. It is a great gift to give.

The house will outlive us all, and its history will travel with it in the form of a great story, bound for all time in its own book. I will pass a copy to you when it is complete.

From our hearts, we thank you.”

Michael & Ellen L – New custom home in Frederick, MD August 2015